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Visit - Chinese Commissioner Hwang Hon Cheng to Australia in 1906


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    Hwang Hon Cheng, c. 1906, courtesy of City of Moorabbin Historical Society.


Hwang Hon Cheng was a Chinese commissioner who visited Australia in 1906 to investigate the conditions of Chinese living in Australia and explore the idea of establishing a Chinese consulate in Australia.

According to the Argus, he was a 'Mandarin of the Fourth Rank, and Imperial Commissioner', who was appointed to inquire into the conditions of the Chinese living in Australia. A reception in Melbourne (Nov, 1906) was held for the commissioner, with over 100 members of of the local community welcoming him.

Hwang, the Argus notes, believed Australia's legislation was 'unreasonably on guard against China; the Chinese come here only to have friendly inter-course and trade with Australia. They never do any harm to Australians. They want only trade'. He was to investigate claims of harsh treatment and oppression.

Hwang's visit was to take in Sydney, Melbourne, and New Zealand.

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Hwang Hon Cheng
c. 1906