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Ordering and Copyright

Images found throughout the CHIA database remain the property of the repository or individual that owns the image.

If you wish to use an image for any purpose other than for research or study purposes or if you require a higher resolution copy of an image you must contact the repository that owns it (see list of CHIA repositories). You will need to consider copyright, conditions of use, moral rights and usage fees. Further information about these issues is available through the Australian Copyright Council and there is also a useful guide on PictureAustralia.

Images in the database can be reproduced for research or study purposes, school or university projects or in family histories. This does not include reproduction of images on the internet such as a personal web site. You can however provide a hotlink from your web site to any of the pages within the database.

When using images you should always provide a full attribution for them: details of creator (where known), title and owning repository.

Every effort has been made to track down the copyright owners of images and provide correct information about images. However unfortunately in some cases information about images may have been lost or incorrectly recorded.