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  • Illustrated newspaper collection, 1985.07, 1730.0003; Chinese Museum (Museum of Chinese Australian History). Details
  • Illustrated newspaper file collection; State Library of Victoria - Picture Collection. Details
  • Illustrations Ltd collection, 8292B/A/970-1; Illustrations Ltd; State Library of Western Australia - Battye Library. Details
  • Images published in Cathy May's Topsawyers; James Cook University Archives. Details
  • Imaging 19th Century Victoria Digitising Project; State Library of Victoria - Picture Collection. Details
  • Item 6 Various documents relating to late 1880 to early 1900 migrants [Includes samples of certificates of character reports of immigration officers, passports, photograph and documents relating to Poon Gouey/Gooey], c. 1892 - c. 1921, MP56/12; Department of Home and Territories, Central Office - Records and Passports Branch; National Archives of Australia, Melbourne Office. Details