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Quong Tart and family papers (1831-1940)

Quong Tart and family papers (1831-1940)
State Library of New South Wales - Mitchell Library
ML MSS 5094

This collection contains: 1877-1901; Letters received by Quong Tart, his family, and `representatives of the Chinese community in NSW', being mainly thanks for addresses presented (Locn No.: MLMSS 5094/1/1)
1881-1903; Letters of introduction for Quong Tart by i.a. Sir Henry Parkes, Sir William Robinson, Sir George Dibbs, William Kelynack, Royal Miners Refuge Lodge, Braidwood; and addresses to Quong Tart (Locn No.: MLMSS 5094/1/2)
1883-1884; Petitions to NSW Parliament and a draft of a pamphlet, on the supression of opium in NSW (Locn No.: MLMSS 5094/1/3)
1902; Letters (in Chinese) received by Quong Tart concerning an assault made on him; the crest of Quong Tart in Chinese characters (Locn No.: MLMSS 5094/1/4)
Undated, 1903; Greeting cards to the Tart family; condolence cards received by Margaret Tart following the death of Quong Tart (Locn No.: MLMSS 5094/1/5)
1901-1903; Accounts ledger (Locn No.: MLMSS 5094/2X)
18 April 1831; Sydney Herald (Locn No.: MLMSS 5094/3/1)
2 January 1901; Sydney Morning Herald (Locn No.: MLMSS 5094/3/1)
1885-1902; Invitations, menus, concert programmes (Locn No.: MLMSS 5094/3/2)
1894?; Visiting cards received in Portuguese Macau (Locn No.: MLMSS 5094/3/3)
1894-1913; Newscuttings from an envelope labelled `Q.T.' (Locn No.: MLMSS 5094/3/4)
1894; `Official report of anti-opium demonstration' (Locn No.: MLMSS 5094/3/5)
1900; Prospectus of the Quong Tart tea company (Locn No.: MLMSS 5094/3/6)
1882-1894; Scrapbook of newscuttings compiled by Margaret Tart (Locn No.: MLMSS 5094/1/4X)
1886-1903; Scrapbook of newscuttings compiled by Margaret Tart (Locn No.: MLMSS 5094/5X)
Undated, 1888; Addresses to i.a. Earl of Hopetoun, Earl of Jersey and Sir Robert Duff, from Quong Tart and `members of the Chinese community in NSW' (Locn No.: MLMSS 5094/6X)


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Quong Tart seated in mandarin robes
c. 11 July 1894 - c. 29 January 1897
Australia - New South Wales - Sydney

Prepared by: Sophie Couchman