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    Pan Ah Shin and Catherine Martin, c. 1857 - 1890s, courtesy of F. Anderson (private hands).

Pan Ah Shin and Catherine Martin
c. 1857 - 1890s
Australia - Victoria - Melbourne
Interpretive description

An old print of this photograph is held by M. Asquith, a descendant of Pan Ah Shin and Catherine Martin, and is identified by the family as a portrait of them, possibly a wedding portrait. The youthful appearance of the couple and their formal dress suggest the photograph was taken at a formal occasion such as a wedding. However this old print does not appear to have been an 'original' one. Printed on the mount is: 'Chaffer Photographer, 21 Central Arcade, George St, Brickfield Hill, NSW'. According to photographic directories Walter Chaffer and Chaffer & Rigney both operated much later at this location. Walter Chaffer was located in Central arcade in 1891-1893 and Chaffer & Rigney from 1888-1890. Catherine died in 1872 before either of these photographers' studios were operating at this address. This suggests that the most original print currently held by the family was a copy created in the late 1880s or early 1890s from an earlier print or negative. This photograph has been dated based on the year Pan Ah Shin and Catherine Martin married. Assistance interpreting this photograph provided by James Twycross and Fay Anderson.


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    Pan Ah Shin and Catherine Martin
    b&w copyprint

    Ada Mahlook and Emily Lee Ack collection; F. Anderson (private hands). Details

    Copy from print held by M. Asquith

    Reproduction rights owned by F.Anderson c/- CHIA.
  2. Published photograph
    Pan Ah Shin and Catherine Martin on their wedding day, June 1857, St John's Anglican Church, Melbourne
    Published photograph
    Photographic print appears to have been reproduced in the family album. A floral decoration surrounds it. Not all the photograph can be seen in the reproduction.

    Groom, Jocelyn, Chinese Pioneers of the King Valley, Centre for Continuing Education, Wangaratta, Vic, 2001. Details

    Reproduced from a copy held by Margaret Ah Sam


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