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O'Hoy, Que (1875 - 1964)

Wah Lock Lea, Taishan, Guangdong Province, China
Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
importer and exporter and storekeeper


Que was born in Wah Lock Lea in Taishan, Guangdong in 1875. As soon as he turned twenty, his father, Louey O’Hoy, sent for him to work in the family store in Bendigo, and gave him responsibility for its management in 1903. Until his death and the closure of the business in 1964, Sun Ack Goon remained Que’s primary concern. He gained a widely held reputation for business integrity, generosity to his less fortunate brethren, and active involvement in the Easter Fair. Que married four times. To his first wife, he had three children, Jan, Gim Dei and Oi Dei. His second wife, Poon Suey Gook, bore him seven children, of which Myrtle, George, Lucy, Allan and Dennis grew to adulthood.

Sources used to compile this entry: Bendigo Golden Dragon Museum collection; interview with Dennis O'Hoy; interview with Mrs Myrtle Wong; various NAA immigration files.

Prepared by: Amanda Rasmussen, La Trobe University